Justin testifies how true love have the right to get over all situations on this Believe electro jam. He sings, "As long as you love me. We can be starving. We could be broke," which is a predicament the Canadian star is unmost likely to encounter over the next few years. However, having experienced a childhood being raised by a single mommy in low-income housing, Justin has actually proficient financial hardship.

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This shares a title via a 1997 global hit by the Backstreet Boys. The pop band also required to Twitter to remind Beliebers that they were first. "I don"t care who you are, wright here you"re from, what you did #AsLongAsYouLoveMe," they created.
Justin encouraged producer Rodney Jerkins to include the dubstep-hefty sonics after a expedition to London. The Canadian singer obtained hooked on dubaction throughout a pilgrimage to the UK, wbelow the bass-moved type of digital music is almost everywhere the radio.
Big Sean revearesulted in MTV News that on the same day he was recruited to job-related through Justin, the rapper acquired a speak to from an artist whose cussing content is the polar oppowebsite to the Canadian pop star"s PG lyrics. "It"s crazy! I obtained a contact from Gucci Mane the same day I got a contact from Bieber and his civilization to do 2 various projects," he redubbed. "It"s tight that I deserve to be a person that"s so diverse that I deserve to perform both of those and also it"s not reaching. I"m still me... and I didn"t compromise anything for Bieber. You recognize, I just didn"t curse, which is straightforward. I don"t need to curse every day."
The song"s music video was directed by Anthony Mandler, who has operated through everyone from Rihanna to Usher. Actor Michael Madsen, who has actually likewise had actually significant duties in movies choose Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Sin City, stars in the clip alongside Justin and Big Sean.
Michael Madsen plays the disproviding father of Justin"s love interemainder in the visual and also ends up beating up the star after he ignores his research to stay away from his daughter. The actor told MTV News that Bieber was more involved about having it look actual than scared to take the hit. "He was very respectful, very respectful and decent to me," said Madsen. "I think he wanted it to be well-done. I do not think he was blowing it off. I think that I"ve been about sufficient to recognize I can tell if somebody isn"t really doing their task or taking what they perform seriously. And I can tell from early in the morning that he was. He wanted it to be right."

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Nikhil Sharma from Vpo NehranWorld finest singer only Justin Bieber I favor all their songs and I listen to them the many, I salute them and also I am your big fan.Siahara Shyne Carter from USA "As long as you love meWe could be starving, we can be homeless, we might be brokeAs lengthy as you love meI"ll be your platinum, I"ll be your silver, I"ll be your goldAs lengthy as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me (love me)As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me (love me) ...........As long as JB loves me hahahaXDNichelle from Novi, MiI Love Justin Bieber And As Long As You Love Me!check out even more comments
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