Jealously is an awful emovement. It promotes unremainder, threatened feelings and agitation. It"s not a pleasant endure to be THE jealous perchild or THE victim of someone else"s jealously.

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However, tbelow are many type of jealous world in the world. We are all humale, and also are all suspect to toxic emovements like this. Is tright here a perboy in your life that you think may be harbouring an enigma obsession with you? You may be right! Take this quiz to find out ...

Created by: Kristine

Think about someone that you suspect is jealous of you. NOTE: This quiz works best for girls who think other girls are jealous of them (largely bereason I am a girl and have suffer with this) Ready Set ... Go!Concern time. Do they stare at you a lot, and also just how do they stare? (Girl v Girl) Pleasantly, prefer they want to be friends (Girl v Girl) Right at my face, then down my body (Girl v Girl) Murderously, favor they want to kill me ... (Girl v Girl) Options 2# and 3# (Boy v Girl) Pleasantly/lustcompletely (Boy v Girl) Angrily, prefer I"ve done something wrongDo they try to complete with you? Could be anypoint such as qualities, boys, appearance, money, profession ... etc. Yes, it"s completely weird! Yeah yet in a fun type of a means. Nah, we"re pretty chilled through each other. No they couldn"t care less.Do you suspect they talk behind your back? Yes, they make it so obvious Probably Maybe, but a lot of likely not Not at all My gut tells me they perform ... Yes, people have actually told me / I hear themDo they flirt via your crush / your boyfrifinish, specifically when you"re around? Yep NoDo they carry out either of these things: mock you OR roll their eyes at you whenever before you say something? Mock me Roll their eyes at me Both! NoneAre you some of these things, and also everyone knows it - attractive, smart, wealthy, famous, talented, kind? Yeah, favor 2 of those things More than two Only one NoneDoes this perkid compliment or congratulate you? Yeah No, they do not really treatment No - they look choose they"d fairly die than compliment me! Yeah however it"s fake No, they look away/to the ground in shame ...Do they try to "one-up" you? (For instance, you have actually something great, however they MUST let you know that they have somepoint better?) Yes NoDo they choose your photos on social media? Yes No Don"t have actually them on social mediaDo you discover them constantly stalking / staring / basically obsessed with you? (Think Kim K & Kanye to Taylor Swift) Yeah, it"s creepy Sorta NopeDo they include you on social media making use of fake accounts, or show any kind of indications of trying to "store up" through your life? Yes NoDo they imitate you in anyway? (For example: copying your style, the means you talk etc) Yes... Sometimes yet I think it"s bereason, adorably, I inspire them No at allDo they use your past mistakes versus you? Yeah No I do not have past mistakesLast of all, human intuition is the best tool. Do you think this perchild is jealous of you? Yes No I"m not certain

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