What are Mixed Numbers?

A mixed number is a entirety number, and also a correct fraction stood for together. It mainly represents a number in between any 2 whole numbers.

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Look at the provided picture, it represents a portion that is higher than 1 yet much less than 2. It is hence, a blended number.


Some other examples of blended numbers are


Parts of a combined number

A mixed number is formed by combining three parts: a whole number, a numerator, and also a denominator. The numerator and also denominator are component of the appropriate fractivity that renders the blended number.


Properties of mixed numbers

It is partially a totality number.

It is partly a fraction.

Converting improper fractions to mixed fractions.

Step 1: Divide the numerator by the denominator.

Step 2: Write dvery own the quotient as the entirety number.

Step 3: Write dvery own the remainder as the numerator and the divisor as the denominator.

For example, we follow the offered measures to transform 7/3 into a blended number form.

Step 1: Divide 7 by 3


Tip 2: Write quotient, divisor and also remainder in form as in action 2 and step 3 over.


Adding combined numbers

One have the right to include combined numbers by rearranging the entirety numbers, including them individually and adding the leftover fractions individually and also in the end combing them all.

11⁄2+ 33⁄4

Adding the whole numbers individually and the fractions separately.

For totality numbers:

1+3 = 4

For fractions: Find the LCM and then add


In the finish, including both the components together.


Real life examples

We deserve to inspect our knowledge of mixed fractions by expushing the parts of a totality as blended fractions while serving a pizza or a pie at house. Leftover pizzas, half-filled glasses of milk develop examples of mixed fractions.


Fun Facts

Mixed numbers are also referred to as combined fractions.

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