From the editors of Another Man magazine, an epic journey right into the civilization of men’s style. Another Man magazine is revered roughly the people as the ultimate style bible for contemporary men. Elevating men’s fashion to a lavish and luxurious level, it combines a singular, soulful allude of see on men’s style with thought-provoking, sophisticated editorial content. Using the wealthy wealth of the Another Man archive, remixed with handpicked product and also specially commissioned work, this scrapbook narrative filled via rock and also roll legends, romantic anti-heroes, and also timeless fashion symbols expresses the best of men’s style. Featuring over 300 imeras by photographers including Alasdair McLellan, Willy Vanderperre, Nick Knight, and also David Sims, this volume additionally contains a portfolio, curated by Jefferboy Hack, of interviews and conversations via cultural symbols prefer Jake and also Dinos Chapguy, Jarvis Cocker, William Gibboy, Kate Moss, Bobby Gillespie, William Burroughs, and also Paul Simonon.

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Product Details

Alister Mackie is the imaginative director of Anvarious other Man magazine. Previously the fashion director of Dazed & Confprovided and also AnOther, he has actually operated very closely with brands including Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and also Marc Jacobs and also has actually built longstanding partnerships via photographers favor Nick Knight and Alasdair McLellan. Jefferboy Hack is the editorial director and publisher of Dazed Group. His groundbreaking work over the last twenty years has actually watched him co-found the iconic magazines Dazed & Confsupplied, Anvarious other, and also Another Man alongside launching digital platforms Dazed Digital and Ben Cobb is the editor of Another Man magazine and the author of Anarchy and Alchemy: The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Editorial Reviews

"Another Man magazine editor Alister Mackie explored the publication"s large archive for this scrapbook-cum-photographic remix dedicated to worldwide men"s fashion. Another Man functions 300-plus imperiods by photographers consisting of Nick Knight and also David Sims, and interviews with cultural icons Jarvis Cocker, Kate Moss and William Burroughs.

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Like the magazine itself, Another Man asks what it indicates to tell an individual style story as a male in the 21st century. Looking at the photos, the answers may surpclimb you.” –San Francisco Chronicle“ the the majority of beautiful fashion publications...London"s edgy menswear bible releases an elaborate scrapbook curated by resident stylist Alister Mackie, who highlights some of the best photographs and also fashion editorials published in its pperiods over the years.” –OUT Magazine