Toy collecting ishardly the name to offer to a teddy bear arsenal, after all teddy bears arenot mere playthings. I guess that is why a whole new word was produced to describesomeone who collects bears, an Arctophile. 


So why does someone decide to collect teddies, well tbelow is no simple one answer. I have met hundreds of world that would certainly speak to themselves bear collectors and I"m not two of them have actually the precise very same reason for their periodically obsessional hobby. 

However tright here are some main reasons I deserve to give which might ring true via why you yourself began collecting or possibly are thinking of beginning a collection. But remember whatever the factor behind your toy collecting; it is a totally valid one and also one that you should not be ashamed to admit to. Say it out loud, "I am a Teddy bear collector".

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Of course manybear collectors carry out it purely for the fun and enjoyment of it. Many kind of reap thebasic joy of coming throughout an unwanted bear in a charity shop or at a jumblesale. Taking it house, cleaning it up and providing it pride of location among the restor the Teds. 

In truth manysignificant antique teddy bear collectors probably started this way. Perhaps as ason or later on once they realised that just the sight of a teddy would certainly bring ahuge smile to their challenge. 

Artist bears alsoare often added adorable and often collectors seek to buy brand-new bears made byspecific artists because they simply choose their uniqueness and dare I say itcuteness. The fun of waiting for the next bear to be hand also made by yourfavourite artist can come to be virtually favor an exciting obsession. You ssuggest haveto have that next bear for your repertoire. 

Collectible bearshave the right to come in all guises and also at all price points and this is what makescollecting for fun such an easily accessible hobby.

Toy Collecting For Financial Gain


Several of coursemight enjoy bears yet additionally enjoy the financial gains they deserve to make throughpurchasing and also selling old and vintage bears. 

The excitement offinding a fairly tatty or forgotten bear which turns out to be an early Dean"sor Merrythought deserve to in itself administer all the thrill required to store expandingtheir repertoire. 

Of course as timegoes on many bears, which a few years earlier may not have appeared to be worthcollecting, may currently be commanding better prices and this is one more factor whyBear collecting will constantly be on the climb.

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A Fascicountry through Social History


This 3rd reasonmay seem a tiny stselection but for those among us who love to look earlier intoour huguy previous and view exactly how we have actually emerged and been impacted and also readjusted bycertain periods in history, will also discover a fascination in the social historyof teddy bears. In reality eincredibly toy bear comes through its very own story, some moresignificant than others. 

For circumstances,some bears survived the human being wars and also were tbelow to comfort of times ofsadness and hardship. These are the sorts of bears world hung onto and also thestory of their owners resides and the situations of the moment remajor via them,regularly with stories being handed dvery own with the generations. 

Bears which comevia photographic and also or created proof of their previous lives and also that ortheir owners can command also an extremely high price indeed and also are regularly exceptionally type afterby the major bear collector.

A Childhood Passion

Often bearcollecting comes out of a childhood love for the teddy bear, via the firstbears owned being the catalyst for ever flourishing collection of bears. 

Many of myfriends have actually thousands of bears, many type of which they owned as kids and simplycannot bear to component via. They organize many type of memories and also although not worth a lotin monetary terms are past pricemuch less in terms of emotional worth. 

Often these collectorssimply buy even more bears with their heart and also I love them for it as they aremaintaining some of the straightforward and unamazing bears these days for futuregenerations. 

Whatever before thereason for toy collecting of antique teddy bears, artist bears or modernproduced bears; it must be praised, enjoyed and also over all continued.