If there"s one thing American Horror Story fans love to do, it"s devise theories tying together the show"s bloody, anarchic universe. Though eextremely seakid in the anthology series introduces a different plot, establishing, and characters, fans are specific that AHS periods all connect.

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Sjust how creator Ryan Murphy has actually hinted that they"re on the best track. In a 2014 Entertainment Weekly interview, Murphy shelp, " all very sepaprice, but there"s hints every seakid that we"re now telling you how the various worlds are intertwined."

Perhaps the the majority of amazing Amerideserve to Horror Story theory to link the, so-far, seven seasons takes us all the method ago to 14th-century Italy. It"s possible Amerideserve to Horror Story periods are the nine circles of Hell. In Inferno, the initially part of Dante Alighieri"s three-part epic poem The Divine Comedy, the poet-narrator descends via nine levels of hell: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath/Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery.

This intriguing concept was first lassist out by Jacqueline Bircher on Red Herry. According to Bircher, the first salso periods of AHS have actually synchronized to Limbo, Fraud, Treachery, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, and currently, Heresy. What"s more, Murphy himself may have actually endorsed the Dante theory in a cryptic Instagram article.

Does that expect there are two more periods of Amerihave the right to Horror Story to come: Violence and Lust? (As if we hadn"t currently seen plenty of both in Seasons 1-7.) Luckily Amerihave the right to Horror Story was simply renewed for - that"s appropriate, 2 even more seasons.

Let"s take a expedition through the dark pits of Hell to discover the eerie connections between AHS and Dante"s Inferno.

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In Inferno, Dante"s next speak after Limbo is Lust, yet fans think AHS skips ahead to Fraud for Season 2. The titular psychological institution, Briarcliff, is nothing if not fraudulent. The asylum is a cover for Dr. Arthur Arden"s unethical experiments and Dr. Oliver Thredson"s trick identity as the serial killer Bloody Face. What"s even more, the Catholic clergy that are supposed to be helping comfort the mentally ill are either actively tormenting their patients orturning a blind eye to what happens there.

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In Inferno, Dante saves the 8th Circle for "sorcerers and false prophets" - favor clergy members and health professionals that promise cures but make use of their patients rather. Of which Asylum has actually many type of.

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