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"Daisy Jane" is a song composed by Gerry Beckley of the group America consisted of on the 1975 America album Hearts. Issued as that album"s second single — following up the #1 hit "Sister Golden Hair" — "Daisy Jane" reached #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, coming to be the last Top 20 hit by the original three-member incarcountry of America. On the Easy Listening chart the track reached #4. In Canada the chart optimal of "Daisy Jane" was #16 on the Pop singles chart and #2 on the Adult Conshort-term chart. The song"s narrator suggests he"s flying earlier to Memphis in wishes of reconnecting via the girl he left behind "to roam the city". Beckley, who created the song at his cottage in East Sussex, has stated: "Tbelow was no such perchild as Daisy Jane and also I had actually never before even been to Memphis": Beckley believes that he likely attracted the principle of writing a song entitled "Daisy Jane" from the Nick Drake song "Hazey Jane". A Finnish rendering which retains the title "Daisy Jane" was taped by Reijo Karvonen for his 1975 album Tulossa.even more »

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Flyin" me back to MemphisGotta discover my Daisy JaneWell the summer"s gonneAnd I hope she"s feelin" the sameWell I left her just to roam the cityThinkin" it would certainly basic the painI"m a crazy guy and I"m playin" my crazy game, gameDoes she really love me I think she doesLike the star above me I knowSince when the sky is brightEverything"s all ideal Flyin" me back to MemphisHoney save the range warmAll the clouds are clearin"And I think we"re over the stormWell I been pickin" it up approximately meDaisy I think I"m saneWell I"m awful gladAnd I guess you"re really to blame, blameDo you really love meI hope you doLike the stars above me how I love youWhen it"s cold at nightEverything"s all right

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America America is an English-American people rock band also, that initially included Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek. The three members were barely out of their teens, once they became a musical sensation throughout 1972, scoring No. 1 hits and winning a Grammy for ideal brand-new musical artist. Their recording success extended throughout the 1970s; some of the band"s finest well-known songs are "A Horse through No Name", "Sister Golden Hair" (both of which reached No. 1), "Ventura Highway", "Tin Man", "Daisy Jane", and "Lonely People".

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George Martin created salso of their albums. even more »