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It’s always about the money.Classic lovers’ quarrel.Just to see if I could actually do it.I hate everyone at work. Picking one person is going to be a challenge.

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Sharpen my favorite knife… I mean sharpen my wits. Gotta stay alert.Hit up the ATM. Gonna need some unmarked bills.Google “Good places to bury a body”Steal all of my roommate’s black hoodies.


My BFF. Can’t move a body by yourself, right?Tbh I’ll probably break down and tell my priest or something.A family member. They’re the only one that can keep a secret.No one! Too risky. Then I might have two bodies on my hands…
I carry a list…You know, a couple here, a couple there.I need to psych myself up before we even talk about this.Need to see if I can get away with one murder first.
Wherever it needs to happen, it happens.In the middle of nowhere. As far away from civilization as possible.At their place. Less effort.In an alley somewhere. Make it look like a mugging gone wrong.
I was at my mom’s. She’ll vouch for me no questions asked.Hanging with my stoner friends. They’ll probably think I was there anyway.Self-defense. That one always works… right?Uhhh I’m pretty good at this. No alibi necessary!
My car obviously. Just… act… normal…Private jet. I flee with style.Public transportation. Blend in with the other weirdos.I don’t know. This was a mistake. Help.
New life? Psh what are you talking about? I’m fine here.Prison, probably.Take me to Antarctica. I’m getting as far away as possible.Mexico City. Most populated city in the world. It’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Turn myself in. I can’t deal with the grief!Cops? What cops? No one saw anything, okay?!Call 911 from the last working payphone in the US. Give them a false tip.Rough it in the Appalachians somewhere for a few months. You never saw me.
Start killing people on the inside. Those are easier to get away with.Not sure… they put me in this straight jacket. What are my options?Strategically take over the prison economy and become #1 inmate.Plan my escape!

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