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11 Tangible assets are those assets, which are physical in nature, eg - Cash, inventory, vehicles, factory, etc A firms reputat…View the complete answer

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Transcribed picture text: 11.- All of the following are tangible sources EXCEPT:- A. -Production devices B. Distribution centers. C. “Afirm's reputation D. Afirm's headquarters building. 12.- All of the adhering to are intangible resources EXCEPT:- A. +Capital. B. Dynamic capabilities. C. Patents. D. Social complexities. is the value-shed because of picking to-usage sources for one alternative- 13. -A(n) over another. A. Opportunity expense B. Alternative-losse C. Reresource loss D. *Opportunity loss 14.-When the worth that a customer attaches-to-a-good-or organization exceeds the price paid for the good or business, this is a(n): 4 A. Economic excess. B. Consumer-excess. C. -Value excess. D. +Consumer-value. 15.- Value production is essential to competitive advantage because: A. The product or service that is valued the highest-by-the-firm- will certainly deliver competitive advantage(s). B. The product or company that is valued the highest possible by the customer deserve to charge the greatest price. C. -The company via the highest possible future worth will certainly have actually greatest revenues. D. The company through the highest current worth will-sustain competitive advantage(s). 16. The opening instance of Chapter 6 highlights the business-level-strategy of Whole Foods. All of the following are part of this strategy EXCEPT: 4 A. Adopting a brand-new strategic intent to end up being the champion of healthy and balanced eating. B. Reducing prices with efforts such as broadening its private-label-offerings. C. >Emphasizing its organic food offerings as the tool to complete on price.- D. >Improving its logistics device in order to boost efficiencies. 17.- All of the adhering to are concerns that supervisors answer as soon as choosing a business-level- strategy EXCEPT- A. Who will we serve?- B. “How many type of product industries will we be in? C. -What customer needs and desires will certainly we satisfy? D. Why carry out we desire to fulfill these needs?- 18.-In order for a firm to formulate an effective business-level strategy, it is vital to remember that competitive advantage is identified by: 4 A. The qualities of the industry in which a firm competes. B. -The qualities of the firm itself- C. -The qualities of both the sector and the firm. D. The absolute placing of the firm. 19.-The 2 primary competitive levers that supervisors have the right to use in order to answer the question of exactly how to complete are: A. +Cost and core competencies B. → Value and also price. C. Value and core competencies. D. Cost and revenues. 20.-A firm's strategic place is: 4 A. -Determined by its business-level strategy.- B. Created through-strategic trade-offs. C. -An attempt to produce a large gap in between value production and prices. D. All of these. 21. When the CEO of Whole Foods, John-Mackey, had actually to make decisions around the company's- cost-framework and also value place he was: 4 A. -Making strategic trade-offs. B. Conducting a strategic group map testimonial. C. -Trying to boost the firm's economies of scope. D. Leveraging the low-price position of the firm. الب is the difference in between value development and price. 22. “The A. -Profit gap B. -Net profit- C.Value gap D. Revenue gap 23.-A generic company strategy is even more likely to aid a-cost-leadership-firm-accomplish competitive advantage as soon as it does which among the following?- 4 A. Allows a firm to perform comparable activities in a different way than its rivals via resulting reduced costs B. -Allows a firm to perdevelop various activities than its rivals via higher value development C. -Allows a firm to perform similar tasks than-its-rivals through better expenses or reduced worth development D. Helps-a-firm-create-as-large-a-gap-as feasible in between the differential-value-created-and-the- cost required 24.→Generic business-level-strategies that a firm-can-adopt-encompass all of the adhering to EXCEPT- A. -Focprovided cost-leadership strategy. B. -Focused-differentiation strategy. C. +Market differentiation strategy D. -Broad cost-leadership strategy. 25. When a firm-uses assets through distinctive functions and also better value for customers than that of the competition, it is implementing a:- A. *Product-broad-strategy B. Differentiation strategy. C.: +Cost-leadership strategy. D. -Product-concentrated strategy.