The internet appears to throw up a few bonafide gems eextremely single day, and after hearing a babsence metal parody version of "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Woods of Trees previously today, we were desperate for some even more. And currently the internet has actually duly yielded the products with a minor vital variation of Mariah Carey"s festive favourite.

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The video was thrown up on YouTube by Kurt Hugo Schneider, who provides an awful lot cover versions and also mashups. One of his latest videos, recorded through his great frifinish Chase Holfelder, is this superb yet deeply disconcerting cover variation of Mariah Carey’s "All I Want for Christmas Is You", which complies with the original other than that it is recorded in a minor crucial.

Of course, the original tune was tape-recorded in a significant key, making it a perfectly upbeat song around love throughout the holiday season. However before, Kurt Hugo Schneider"s version flips everything on its head, making the song take a rather sinister, creepy and also stalker-esque rotate.

See what you think. Watch the complete video below:

And if you desire to hear some even more covers and mashups, be certain to examine out Kurt Hugo Schneider"s YouTube page.

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