A South African “fake news” website is repeatedly utilizing homophobic panic as a topic of its supposedly humorous write-ups.

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The site, National News Bulletin, on Tuesday publiburned a piece titled “Gay baboon terrorises village. Five guys now have anal cancer“.

According to the website, the North West province villagers are living in are afraid over a big male baboon, named nickcalled Somizi (presumably after the openly gay South Afrihave the right to personality, Somizi Mhlongo), “that likes to grope and also bonk huguy males”.

The write-up reads: “The baboon is said to have actually struck even more than six guys in the past week and what’s baffling the villagers is the reality that the baboon only attacks males and also does not hurt its victims yet quite performs sex-related acts on height of the terrified victim and also leaves.”

The website further equated homosexuality and gay sex via physical danger, creating that, “Five males were admitted to hospital yesterday after experiencing acute anal pains and fatigue. Doctors shown the guys have actually anal cancer.”

It added that, “all male school youngsters were said to be wearing dresses as a preventative measure till the baboon has been dealt with”.

Disturbingly, the write-up has been shared throughout the continent and also republished by other media, via many type of readers and also journalists not realising that it is a spoof. The “fake news” might easily be offered to affirm and also perpetuate homophobia and also anti-gay hysteria.

In the last few days the website publimelted one more post in which it “reported” that a Mpumalanga burglar named Mashudu Ndalamo, that tried to rob a home, was terrorised and also raped by a gay couple who live in the residence.

“What Mashudu had not known was that the owners of the home were 2 gay males via a fetish for a three-some and also bondage,” shelp the website.

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“The owners of the home, names withorganized, went on to satisfy their deranged sex-related fantasies on the defenseless Mashudu who could not even scream for he feared the area would kill him.”

The guy “told” the National News Bulletin that throughout the three hour ordeal, “I had actually to pick between obtaining my bum poked or screaming and awakening the neighborhood. The community would certainly have conveniently killed me. I chose to be violated.”

The site’s “About us” page uses a straightforward description of the publication: “Pure African Satire.” Homosexuality is illegal in over 30 nations in Africa.