21.Accounting designed to satisfy the needs of decision equipments inside theservice isa. managerial accountingb. general accountingc. financial accountingd. exterior accounting22.Which of the following is an instance of direct labor expense for acell phone manufacturer?a. salary of plant supervisorb. expense of phone componentsc. cost of oil lubricants for factory machineryd. cost of wages of assembly worker23.Period prices includea. operating prices that are shown on the revenue statement whenproducts are soldb. current liabilities on the balance sheand so on operating costs that are presented on the income statement in theperiod in which they are incurredd. current assets on the balance sheet24.Indirect labor and also indirect products are classified asa. factory overhead and duration costsb. operating expenses and also duration costsc. operating expenses and product costsd. manufacturing facility overhead and also product costs25.An instance of a duration cost isa. heralding expenseb. depreciation on manufacturing facility equipmentc. residential property taxes on plant facilitiesd. indirect materials26.Jensen Company type of reports the following:

Direct products supplied $345,000Direct labor incurred 250,000Factory overhead incurred 400,000Operating costs 175,000

Jensen Company"s period expenses location. $250,000b. $175,000c. $345,000d. $400,00027.Jensen Company kind of reports the following:

Direct products offered $345,000Direct labor incurred 250,000Factory overhead incurred 400,000Operating costs 175,000

Jensen Company"s product expenses location. $920,000b. $770,000c. $825,000d. $995,00028.Work in procedure inventory on December 31 is $42,000. Work inprocedure inventory lessened by 40% during the year. Totalmanufacturing prices incurred amount to $260,000. What is the costof goods manufactured?a. $232,000b. $190,000c. $288,000d. $302,00029.At the beginning of the existing year, the Grant Company"s work-related inprocess inventory account had a balance of $30,000. During theyear, $68,000 of straight products were offered in manufacturing, and$66,000 of direct labor costs were incurred. Factory overhead forthe year amounted to $90,000. Cost of products produced is$230,000. The balance in occupational in procedure inventory on December 31isa. $66,000b. $44,000c. $36,000d. $24,00030.Which of the adhering to will not be discovered on the balance sheet of amanufacturing company?a. occupational in processb. cost of goods soldc. finiburned goodsd.

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