Ingham (1974) discovered that as soon as blindfolded participants believed they were pulling a tug of war with various other participants, they pulled ____ than as soon as they assumed they were pulling alone.a. none of the aboveb. morec. lessd. the same amount
Martha is terrific at organizing her employees, establishing objectives, and also focusing on achieving those purposes for the firm. Martha excels ina. social leadershipb. laissez-faire leadershipc. job leadershipd. masculine leadership
When individual initiatives are pooled and not evaluated, review apprehension is __________ and the probcapability of social loafing is __________.a. low; highb. high; highc. high; lowd. low; low
Sanders, Baron, and Moor (1978) have explained social facilitation by noting that a conflict occurs between paying attention to others and paying attention to the job at hand also. They called this explanation ______.a. pushed to distractionb. social distortionc. deindividuationd. testimonial apprehension
When civilization experience a loss of self-awareness and evaluation apprehension, they are in a state of ______.a. groupthinkb. deindividuationc. social facilitationd. social loafing
Which two symptoms of groupthink lead group members to overestimate their group"s appropriate and might?a. rationalization and also a stereotyped view of the opponentb. an illusion of invulvercapacity and self-censorshipc. rationalization and conformity pressured. an illusion of invulnercapacity and also an undoubted belief in the group"s morality
Norman Triplett is to _____ as Irving Janis is to ______.a. groupthink; social loafingb. social facilitation; social loafingc. social facilitation; groupthinkd. deindividuation; group polarization
Consistent with the social facilitation impact, Michaels and collaborators (1982) found that as soon as weak pool players in the student union were oboffered, they did ____ than as soon as they did not know they were being oboffered.a. the sameb. worsec. b and also c, relying on the sex of the participantsd. better
Groupthink have the right to be characterized asa. improvement of problem-fixing capacity as a result of a number of persons joining together to work on the very same trouble.b. a propensity to suppush dissent in the interests of group harmony.c. a propensity to sacrifice group cohesiveness in favor of job orientation and trouble focus.d. lessened self-awareness as an outcome of team immersion and social anonymity.

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Evaluation apprehension helps explain the improvement of leading responses once peoplea. think they are being evaluated.b. are mindful of the visibility of others.c. have exercised the habits many kind of times.d. are talented at what they are doing.
People in teams will loaf much less whena. the group is cohesive.b. the task is complex.c. the job is essential and involving.d. all of the over.

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You"ve noticed that your roommate has a tendency to wash fewer dishes if he knows others are house. This is an instance ofa. social loafingb. deindividuationc. social facilitationd. mere presence
________ describes the tendency for civilization to exert much less effort once they pool their efforts toward a prevalent goal than once they are individually accountable.a. deindividuationb. social facilitationc. social loafingd. mere presence
Zimbarcarry out (1970) explained the higher vandalism of an abandoned car left in New York than one left in Palo Alto in regards to the greater ___________ of the big city.a. frustrationb. competitivenessc. povertyd. anonymity
According to Festinger (1954), it is humale nature to want to evaluate our opinions bya. proactively examining the outcomes of scientific research study.b. creating daily tests of their validity.c. comparing ourselves via others.d. engaging in constant introspection.


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