At age 14, Hailee Steinfeld has seemingly currently conquered Hollytimber – and all bereason of one pivotal function.

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The teen star is earning rave reviews for her portrayal of Mattie Ross, a young girl who hires drunken and also decrepit bounty hunter Rooster Cogburn (played by Jeff Bridges) to hunt dvery own the guy who murdered her father in the Coen brothers’ remake of “True Grit.”

has actually constantly been somepoint I’ve loved to carry out since the day I began and also I feel choose I tried eexceptionally form of sport, eincredibly kind of dance and also never before stuck with anything,” Hailee —’s newest Rising Star — newly told us. “Tright here was somepoint about this that I simply dropped in love via and also it’s the just thing I’ve stuck to.”

Hailing from Thousand also Oaks, The golden state, Hailee’s commitment to her craft has actually certainly passist off.

The young actress has actually been nominated for a Critics Choice Award and a Broadcast Film Critics Award, as well as a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance By A Female Actress in a Supporting Role for her substantial display breakout duty.

While Hailee had actually formerly acted in short movies prefer “She’s A Fox” and also “Without Wings” prior to landing in the Coen brothers’ Western, the youngster was essentially unwell-known till “True Grit.” She faced stiff competition for the coveted duty and impressed her seasoned co-stars, including Oscar-winning actors, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

“Somepoint prefer 15,000 girls tried out for this component,” “Jeff newly told Access. “I’m so glad we finished up through Hailee.”

“This isn’t her at all,” Matt Damon told Access. “ is incredibly various in the movie than she is in actual life — it really is a performance.”

Far from a shy child, Hailee lassist dvery own the legislation through Jeff, Matt and also the film’s villain, Josh Brolin, on set. She made a “poor boy jar” for charity, in which the men had to put money eextremely time they cursed.

“I charged $5 dollars for the “f” word and also a dollar for all the various other words,” Hailee told Access. “They were choose, ‘This is not fair! You cannot execute this!’ So, they determined best there they had to designate me a word.

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“That was ‘prefer,’” she included. “So, if I shelp the word ‘like,’ I had actually to pay 50 cents.”

Hailee’s haul was $350 — an amount she matched and also donated to an Alzheimer’s Foundation. However before, the take-charge Hailee shed her cool once she met her idol, Justin Timberlake, recently at a screening of “True Grit” in Beverly Hills.

was prefer, ‘You’re exceptional. Are you so excited?” Hailee told Access. “I was favor, ‘I’m even more excited that you are right here, yet the movie was awesome right?’”