Origin of After My Own Heart

This expression showed up roughly the beforehand 1600s. It is in the King James Scriptures, in verse 1 Samuel 13:14. It reads,

The LORD hath sought him a male after his very own heart, and also the LORD hath commanded him to be captain over his civilization, because thou hast not retained that which the LORD commanded thee.

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Today, it is widespread for the expression to be offered via man or woman.

A male after my very own heart.A woguy after my own heart.A girl after my very own heart.A guy after my own heart.

Instances of After My Own Heart

The dialogue below shows two woguys discussing their preferences for ice cream sundaes.

Mila: Betty, I’m making myself an ice cream sundae. Would you like one for yourself? I’d be happy to make you one.

Betty: Oh, no say thanks to you. I’m incredibly certain about just how I choose my ice cream sundaes.

Mila: Nonsense! I have extremely particular tastes as well, and also I’m sure you’ll prefer my recipe.

Betty: What perform you put on it?

Mila: Mine encompass fresh fruit, warm brownies, cocoa syrup, and a small whipped cream.

Betty: That’s precisely exactly how I prefer them! You’re a womale after my very own heart!

This dialogue mirrors a pair of roommates talking around what to perform on Friday night.

John: Hey Amanda. I hate to carry out this, however I think I have to skip the party tonight.

Amanda: Really? Why?

John: I’m simply not in the mood to socialize. I think I’m simply going to make some popcorn and also remain residence watching movies all night lengthy.

Amanda: That sounds awesome! I’m not feeling that extroverted either. You’re a guy after my own heart. I’ll remain home, as well, and also make some even more snacks for us to eat. Maybe quesadillas!

John: Good plan!

More Examples

This excerpt is from an interview with an author. This writer loves another author bereason he thinks they have actually similar interests.

The second excerpt is about designing office workspaces. The article author believes that a perboy name McKellar is extremely comparable to her.

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The expression after one’s very own heart defines a person whose hobbies or beliefs enhance those of an additional person’s.


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