iconography - The content, or subject, of an artjob-related and also the examine of content in art. Also the study of symbolic, often religious, interpretation of objects, persons, or occasions portrayed in functions of art.

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twisted perspective - Or compowebsite watch. A convention of representation in which component of a number is shown in profile and an additional component of the exact same figure is displayed frontally.

ziggurat - In primitive Mesopotamian architecture, a monupsychological platdevelop for a temple.

protome - The head, forelegs, and also part of the body of an pet.

mastaba - Arabic, "bench." An primitive Egyptian rectangular brick or rock framework via sloping sides erected over a subterranean tomb chamber associated via the external by a shaft.

hypostyle hall - A hall through a roof sustained by columns.

megaron - A big reception hall and throne room in a Mycenaean palace, fronted by an open up, two-columned porch.

relieving triangle - In Mycenaean design, the triangular opening above the lintel that serves to lighten the weight to be carried by the lintel itself.

Paleolithic - The "old" Stone Age, in the time of which humankind created the first sculptures and paints.

composite view - A convention of depiction in which component of a figure is presented in profile and also another part of the same figure is shown frontally.

apadana - The great audience hall in ancient Persian palaces.

cuneiform - Latin, "wedge-shaped." A system of composing used in prehistoric Mesopotamia, in which wedge-shaped characters were produced by pressing a stylus right into a soft clay tablet, which was then baked or otherwise enabled to harden.

ka - In prehistoric Egypt, the immortal humale life pressure.

freize - Any sculptured or painted band also in a structure.

corbelled vault - A vault developed by the piling of stone blocks in horizontal courses, cantilevered inward till the 2 walls accomplish in an arch.

beehive tomb - A burial structure characterized by its false dome developed by the superplace of successively smaller sized rings of mudbricks or, even more regularly, stones.

Mesolithic - The "middle" Stone Age. Between Paleolithic and also Neolithic.

narrative - Art that tells a story, either as a minute in an continuous story or as a sequence of occasions unfolding over time.

relief - In sculptures, figures projecting from a background of which they are part. The degree of relef is designated high, or low (bas), or sunken.

stele - A sculpted stone slab supplied to note tombs or to commemoprice historical events.

hieroglyph - A device of composing using symbols or images.

pylon - The wide entrance gatemethod of an Egyptian holy place, characterized by its sloping wall surfaces.

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labyrinth - Maze. The English word derives from the maze-like arrangement of the Minoan royal residence at Knossos.