Basically, if I ask a rhetorical question, it"s not really prompting for an answer. Does that expect it need to not end in a question mark?

Here are 2 examples:

"What"s New" used as a title for a section."Who desires to reinvent the wheel." This is supposed to be rhetorical, so is a question note correct?


The "What"s new" instance you offered is not necessarily a question, it can be a statement as it was something like "Here you deserve to uncover what is new", so it doesn"t obviously require a question note. Of course you have the right to likewise name the area (of a site, for example) as "What"s new?" and also in that situation it"s legit to usage the question mark.

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Regarding Rhetorical inquiries, they would require the question note because they are questions. Still, the web page that I linked explains that they have the right to be followed likewise by a full stop or an exclamation mark, depending upon the context where they are being provided.

See for example:

Wasn"t that game incredible! Why are you so stupid?
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In formal creating, even rhetorical questions must always finish with a question note, so states Fowler and most likely a lot of other style guides. In informal composing, and probably via particular short inquiries that have actually come to be addressed expressions, a complete stop might be used instead. I think you will certainly regularly uncover just how perform you do and what"s up composed via complete stops.

I also agree through Alenanno that what"s new could be a relative clause or an instraight question, which carry out not affect the status of the entirety sentence with respect to question mark or full speak. Only a straight question can be a rhetorical one, and also only the primary clause counts for that—the complying with ones are all indirect, except the first:

Who desires to reinvent the wheel? — A classical rhetorical question; answer: "no-one!".

I wonder what I have to execute. — "I wonder" is just a statement.

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I"d choose to know what"s brand-new. — "I"d choose to know" is additionally a statement.

Could you tell me why she left? — The question mark is there bereason the main clausage is a question: "might you ...?"