JK Labajo and the rest of the cast of A Love to Last will certainly percreate in a display titled Love Goals: A Love to Last Concert on Sept. 8 at the Kia Theater

MANILA, Philippines — JK Labajo is not about to go unnoticed also while his co-stars in the ABS-CBN primetime soap A Love to Last all excel in the acting department. He screens quite an outstanding acting performance discovering that he was not an actor first but a singer.

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His portrayal of Lucas Noble, the son of Ian Veneracion’s Anton and also Iza Calzado’s Grace, deserve to conveniently make one hate him or love him. Lucas’ moody side mirrors in the slightest nuances of JK’s facial expression and also body language, although Lucas is coming to be much less temperapsychological nowadays.

JK sheepishly smiles as soon as told around how his actinghas been earning notice and praise from televiewers and netizens.

“Thank you, say thanks to you. I’m so flattered,” starts JK. “I really don’t understand exactly how to take compliments favor, for instance, someone tells somepoint good about me, I simply can’t say much yet say thanks to you. But I really appreciate the great things, and also, well, the negative things, everything.”

His stirring portrayal of the character, JK shares, has actually something to do via his heartbreaking experiences throughout his younger years. The slightest recevery one of exactly how he had actually lost his mommy at a very early age, quickly provides the 16-year-old singer-actor teary-eyed. “I guess, aside from that, it quickly saddens me once I assumed of what I’ve been via na mga bagay na di dapat ma-suffer ng isang 16-year-old na tulad ko.”

Thus, JK demonstrated a heart-wrenching performance in one of the soap’s impressive scenes wbelow Lucas couldn’t perform anything however to say goodbye to his mommy Grace who will be leaving for the US because of her dad’s significant condition.

That scene was likewise the the majority of memorable for him saying, “It feels good to endure having a mom also if it’s simply for a show. I felt it was for actual. Ang saya ng pakiramdam ng may nanay.”

However before, JK assures he has a pleasant disposition as opposed to Lucas whom he defines as “laging mainit ang ulo.”


With co-stars Julia Barretto (left) and also Hannah Vito throughout the presscon

Asked if Lucas was one of his friends, what advice would certainly he offer to him, JK states that he wouldpossibly punch Lucas for his “not so kind” actions. “I would certainly tell him to just be happy for his dad having actually discovered a brand-new love. He has to accept it and also move on because it does not expect na end of the human being na kumbaga and eventually, it will certainly happen that his dad will certainly loss in love aobtain. ‘Yung pagmumukmok n’ya wala ring patutunguhan so yeah sasapakin ko talaga si Lucas (laughs).”

AlthoughA Love to Last is his 3rd drama outing — after having showed up in Pangako sa ‘Yo and also Hawak-Kamay — JK believes “dito ko na-feel ‘yung legit acting na wow this is just how acting feels favor.”

Iza, who likewise co-starred through JK in Hawak-Kamay, has also noticed how he has grvery own up and enhanced as a young actor. “I’m incredibly happy to see him going this course at sana magtuloy-tuloy na.

Does it mean that JK will certainly turn his back on singing?

“No naman po. Never before mawawala sa akin ang pagkanta. I just concentrated on acting bereason I don’t think I deserve to attend to my singing (career) and also acting at the exact same time given that I don’t have actually enough remainder. So I’ve decided to focus on acting,” replies JK, that was a finalist in The Voice Kids Philippines.

On the other hand, A Love to Last is currently on its last 3 weeks of airing and also what much better way to give thanks to their supporters is with songs that consistently send kilig to televiewers. JK and his co-stars Ian, Bea Alonzo, Iza, Enchong Dee and Hannah Vito will treat fans through a present titled Love Goals: A Love to Last Concert on Sept. 8 at the Kia Theater.

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Ian, of course, will certainly be performingthe majority of of the songs that have added passion to his and also Andeng’s (Bea) love for each various other.