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"A Little Time" is a song by The Beautiful South. It is composed of a duet featuring vocalists Dave Hemingmethod and Briana Corrigan. "A Little Time" is the band"s just single to reach number one on the UK Singles Chart, and also it reached the top 20 in Austria, Belgium, Ireland also and also the Netherlands. The single was the first to be released from the Choke album. However before, the other 2 singles taken from the album did not share equivalent success; "My Book" charted at number 43 whereas "Let Love Sheight Up Itself" charted at number 51. The song is featured on the PlayStation 2 game SingStar Party.more »

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I require a small timeTo think it overI require a small spaceJust on my ownI require a little timeTo uncover my freedomI require a littleFunny just how quick the milk turns sourIsn"t it, isn"t itYour challenge has been looking like that for hoursHasn"t it, hasn"t itPromises, promises turn to dustWedding bells just turn to rustTrust right into mistrustI need a tiny roomTo uncover myselfI need a small spaceTo work-related it outI require a tiny roomAll aloneI require a littleYou require a tiny room for your significant headDon"t you, do not youYou require a small space for a thousand bedsWon"t you, will not youLips that promise fear the worstTongue so sharp the bubble burstJust into unjustI"ve had a little timeTo discover the truthNow I"ve had a small roomTo check what"s wrongI"ve had actually a tiny timeAnd I still love youI"ve had a littleYou had a little timeAnd you had a tiny funDidn"t you, didn"t youWhile you had actually yoursDo you think I had noneDo you, execute youThe Freedom that you wanted badIs yours for goodI hope you"re gladSad right into unsadI had a little timeTo think it overHad a small roomTo occupational it outI uncovered a little courageTo contact it offI"ve had a small timeI"ve had a little timeI"ve had actually a tiny timeI"ve had actually a tiny time

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The Beautiful South The Beautiful South was an English pop team formed at the finish of the 1980s by 2 previous members of Hull group The Housemartins, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingmethod.

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Other members were Sean Welch (bass), Dave Stead (drums) and also Dave Rotheray (guitar) and also a succession of female vocalists - Briana Corrigan, Jacqui Abbott and Alikid Wheeler. more »