A ladder leans against a wall surface at a point $8$ feet over the ground. The bottom of the ladder rests $2$ feet ameans from the wall. How long is the ladder?



Use Pythagorean Theorem: $a^2 + b^2=c^2$

Let $a=2$, $b=8$ and also $c$ be the length of the ladder. Plug in your worths and settle for C.

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From what I think is the question this is just a basic application of the Pythagoras theorem


Wbelow $c$ is the longest side and also $b$ and also $a$ are the various other sides. So in your question, we understand that $a=2$ and also $b=8$ so we need to fix for $c$. We have the right to plug the numbers in to acquire the answer

$2^2+8^2=c^2=68$ so $c=sqrt68$ feet I believe


$$ an heta = 8/2=4suggests heta= an^-14$$

Keep in mind that$$sec heta = h/2$$$$2sec heta = h$$$$h=2sqrt an^2 heta+1=2sqrt an^2( an^-14)+1=2sqrt4^2+1=2sqrt17$$


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