I initially watched Ana Lily Amirpour’s directorial debut in November at the St. Louis International Film Festival. Her heavily stylized “vampire-western” set in the fictional crime-ridden Bad City impressed me immensely. I even went so far to speak to it “the finest vampire film because LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.” I still stand by that conviction. But to go a action even more, upon watching the film a second time for this evaluation, I feel that the film has a distinctive power that forced me to check out the occasions that unfold from a different viewsuggest. During the initially viewing I found myself relating more to the male lead Arash. He’s cautiously optimistic yet a tiny green behind the ears. More or much less, he’s still figuring out what Bad City is. The second time I watched A GIRL WALKS HOME… I discovered myself viewing the film more from the perspective of the nameless “Girl.” You are aware of what the city is capable and also what you need to do to endure in it. This power transition is intriguing and simply adds one more layer to a film that relies on even more than just its distinct style.

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Amirpour gives us a vampire that is more akin to the indie, shoegaze, romantic hipster that you would certainly see at Urban Outfitters or what can be a trfinish among the youth in Iran. The retro new wave music combined with Ennio Morricone flourishes offers the film a slight air of self-awareness without feeling choose simply conceit. Though a focus is put on keeping a disquieting mood with music and also lush babsence & white photography, A GIRL WALKS HOME… is not without an ample amount of submessage.

Throughout the background of horror cinema, woguys are commonly displayed as victims, potential victims, or simply bat-shit crazy. So to hear of a girl being helpmuch less and alone at a time of the day when she (traditionally speaking) shouldn’t be, transforms a lot of what Amirpour is presenting into a feminist statement against the concept of the “girl” in our society. Her motives are ssuggest to make it through and do what she has to to live through another night. It just so happens in her instance that survival is dependent on the fatality of one more. Amirpour mirrors this through the damages the male gangsters and also drug dealers carry out to the citizens of Bad City. A barren creek bed is generally shown from a distance through bodies piled in it. The truth that no one mentions the stvariety killings or even utters the word vampire in the film illustrates the genuine human being difficulties Amirpour is speaking around. Death is plentiful and also constantly existing regardless of the visibility of a supernatural creature. Showing a girl walking alone at night, fearless also through death all about her, is a international concept to the idealized photo we often watch in a horror movie.

I have no doubt that A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE… will just thrive in stature as others start to uncover the beauty and power of this film. Thanktotally Kino Lorber and also Vice Films has composed a correct Blu-ray to further appreciate this horror gem.


*Still is not representative of Blu-ray quality


The Blu-ray release of A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT functions a striking 1920x1080p video carry via an aspect ratio: 2.35:1. The wealthy photography is presented perfectly, mirroring a large array of grey skin tones and also textures, via deep babsence levels and warm white highlights. Details come throughout and also yet there’s still the stark comparison that Amirpour incorporates in some shots.

Audio is presented in a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track. Music and sound effects often take precedence over dialogue, making some of the dialogue sound softer than it have to. The film is all about the music though, and with that in mind, the audio soars. “Death” by the band White Lies never sounded so great as it does right here in the bedroom scene in between Arash and also the “Girl.”

A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT Blu-ray includes a generous helping of extras:

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

This is specifically what it sounds prefer. You aren’t going to find human being talking to the electronic camera in a slickly created featurette. This is strictly raw footage shot on an iPhone showing them filming specific scenes, making the molds for the vampire teeth, conducting rehearsals, and using makeup. They are separated into sepaprice videos that variety from 1 minute to 10 minutes, or you have actually the choice to “PLAY ALL.” Tbelow are seven of these in total and none are particularly that interesting, also if you are a fan of the film.


Q&A Hosted by Roger Cormale at the Hammer Museum

This 44 minute intercheck out took location between the legendary producer/director and director Ana Lily Amirpour on January 13, 2015. Cormale and her begin off by bonding over taking LSD for creative enlightenment. She comes throughout as thoughtful and also intelligent in this intercheck out, and yet you have the right to tell she’s a little taken earlier by the truth that Roger Cormale is gushing over her film. She reveals quite a little bit around her life leading up to the film and about the making of the film – the original runtime was 3 hours and also 40 minutes. Tright here are quite a couple of intriguing quotes in this intercheck out. One in certain is where she delves into the oil areas as the background landscape for the film. She defines the oilrigs as “big monsters that suck the blood from the Planet to fuel this bigger device.” In the same sentence though she reveals that she is completely aware that she is component of the mechanism, driving about choose an “ant.” Amirpour even talks briefly about her following film: THE BADVERTISEMENT BATCH – a cannibal film set in Texas that will be shot in color and also in English. Towards the end of the on-phase intersee, Amirpour transforms the table on Roger Corguy and gets him to talk around shooting LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in 2 days and 1 night.

VICE Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

This is an energetic and also well-produced look right into Amirpour’s impacts and also thoughts around the film. Much of the footage is filmed in her apartment and has executive producer Elijah Wood. The 2 plainly share a distinct bond for the film and also their conversations are fun to watch. She reveals her love of David Lynch which was somewhat assumed currently provided some of the visuals in the film. One standout moment includes the reveal of a big timeline that Amirpour did to document the vampiric background of the “Girl.”

VICE Meets Ana Lily Amirpour and Sheila Vand

The female star that plays the “Girl” and the director sit via a VICE correspondent in a round table setting. Clips and stories from Amirpour’s previous brief films are touched upon and her talking about her journey to ultimately make A GIRL WALKS HOME… (she has actually composed 12 scripts and also almost made a cockroach film). It’s an extensive 31 minute intersee but outcomes in some interesting discussions. The 3 of them are exceptionally lhelp ago and as a result give this interwatch a fun yet honest tone.

Deleted Scenes

There’s 12 deleted and also extended clips for your viewing enjoyment. Most are rather quick and meaningless (one reflects the “Girl” buying makeup or another shows the young boy singing) while others are even more substantial (one mirrors the young lovers lying on bed mentioning music). Several encompass the drag queen seen via the balloon in the movie. It’s as if a entirety subplot including her journey was cut out.

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Collectible Graphic Novel through essay by Eric Kohn

A deep and insightful essay introduces this nicely packaged book. Kohn delves into the deeper meanings behind the film in an articulate however straight voice. The book then contains two comics released in late 2014 that dip into the backstory of the “Girl” and also fleshes out her character. Given the reality that graphic novels were an influence on Amirpour, it makes perfect feeling to check out her character come to life on the babsence and also white web page too.