Its a romantic song about a guy that loves this girl however he cantever have her Causage she does favor him. Its a truly lovely song.

A drop in the ocean a adjust in the weather just praying thatyou and me will finish up together its choose wish for rain as i standin the desert reason I"m holding you closer than most cause you aremy heaven.

I don"t desire to waste the weekfinish if you don"t love me pretent afew even more hours and also its time to go and also as my train rolls dvery own theeast coastline i wonder exactly how you store warm to late to cry to broken torelocate on.

And still i cant let you sleep many nights i hardly sleep don"tfeel what you do not have to hear.its just a drop in the ocean areadjust in the weather.

I have actually a tear in my eye..This song was made in 2000 by RonPope.


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