How To Build The Best Base in 7 Days To Die

From the moment you open up your eyes to what is basically hyper realistic zombie Minecraft, your days are numbered. “7 Days to Die” is an open human being survival horror game in which you, the player, should survive the elements and also hordes of ravenous zombies hellbent on finishing your life. You’ll need to pillage, craft, and build to make it through the night.

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The crucial to enduring also a solitary night in the early steras of the game is to fortify yourself in a fortress; leaving yourself in the open up leaves you vulnerable to zombie horde ambushes. Now you don’t must be a build heavy person as tbelow are generated structures that can be appropriated for your needs.

In the mode “Navezgane”, a preset map is given to the player (Figure 1 below). In this precollection civilization it is all about place, area, place. Below are the 3 best areas to clear up in Navezgane.


Figure 1.(Navezgane map ALPHA ver.17)

1: The Farm


Figure 2.(Farm location)

The initially area to resolve into would be a small farm situated in the northeastern.

1. It is a safe place for beginners and it comes through structures for shelter

2. It has actually farm area that can be offered to grow crops

3.It is situated west of a little town through a gas terminal nearby that you can loot

2: The Motel


Figure 3.(Motel location)

The second area to resolve is uncovered in the desert in the southeast section of the map.

1. It is close to a trader located to the north

2. It has actually a tvery own situated to the eastern for looting

3. Tright here is an army station located to the west

3: The Crossroads


Figure 4.(Crossroad location)

The final area is for more competent players but has really good loot if it have the right to be retrieved.

1. One path will certainly bring about a food manufacturing facility and also a drug store

2. One path leads right into a tvery own for looting

3. If you go previous the town, that will certainly result in a shotgun manufacturing facility wbelow the player have the right to uncover guns

Top Three Base Designs:


A well-built base

After selecting your humble habitat your following relocate is to construct up some defense versus the impfinishing horde. Tright here are 3 fundamental setups that will store you perfectly safe.

1: HORDE Base


An instance of the HORDE base

The initially base pictured above is a basic horde setup for those who wish to have something else do the work-related. This straightforward and efficient setup will make enduring a horde ambush much more centralized and also make your home base feel that a lot even more safe and comforting.

The basic concept is to setup your home in such a way that the zombies will sindicate walk to their deaths because of the easy zombie AI. As you can watch,a moat of spike traps does the trick as the zombies will certainly walk on them to get to you and also hence take damages. While this base will certainly automate the process of dealing with the horde, tright here is a a lot simpler early-game strategy that deserve to be embraced have to you have enough projectiles. This setup is much better for beginners as it utilizes early-game products.

This setup will abuse the zombie AI mechanics bring about them to freeze which permits you to simply hit them until they are dead. This is done by using poles to develop a framework for the player to walk on. The framework will certainly look choose a right catwalk through one finish being three blocks high and the various other finish being five blocks high. Each side has its defect; the lower side is rendered useless with the appearance of zombie dogs because of the reality that the zombie dogs are taken into consideration one block high.

Therefore, continual zombies have the right to glitch on optimal of them and also basically walk on the dogs which raises the constant zombies’ elevation to three blocks. Being just as high as the reduced side the zombie will certainly damages the structure however can be quickly dealt with by relocating to the greater side.The difficulty through the greater side is that police zombies deserve to hit you through projectiles which damages your entire put up. This have the right to be remedied by moving to the lower side and covering your base in plates so the police zombie AI does not have a clear shot. With the zombies ideal under you, they will certainly freeze as they will certainly have actually nopoint to hit within the vicinity bring about them to simply stand also tright here.

However, this straightforward setup is strict in the pieces that will certainly be required to finish it. The great news is, once it is setup, as long as it is being made use of effectively, it will certainly just have to be constructed when. Overall, 476 timber is necessary to complete this horde base.

HORDE Base Full video guide: 



2: The Big Bad Badger Mole Base


The organic house of the mole people

This design is straightforward and also straightforward for anyone to perform. As pictured over, a hole is made and the cave developed will be the base. This is just one of the finest deindications as zombies will scarcely generate in underground areas compared to commandeering an abandoned hotel enabling for a crude yet peaceful home. While not the prettiest base, it is the a lot of open for creativity.

With a blank slate and also a bunch of iron shovels you can make yourself a happy little base. With the included terrain fluctuation, large underground cavern bases can be developed. The upside to such a base is you have the right to prevent most everything the game will certainly throw at you also the hordes that generate specifically to end your life.

Although in order for this to be completed the player need to dig to bedrock. If your base is any kind of greater tright here is a chance the zombies will dig dvery own into your little bit hoblittle hole. There is likewise the downside of your base being wright here the sun don’t shine....literally.

The Big Bad Badger Mole Base early game setup overview, watch the video below:

3: The Appropriator Approach


How to make friends 101

The easiest style adheres to a actual life mindset once it pertains to dealing with a zombie apocalypse. If tackled with a zombie apocalypse many human being would certainly agree that you should uncover somewbelow to hold up. The very same have the right to be sassist for “7 Days to Die”, so technically tbelow is no architecture, simply conquer and also fortify.

Why waste time building a base when you can ssuggest relocate right into another currently built house and also start including defenses to damage any type of trespasser on your recently gained land also. With the plethora of points of interests on the map each base have the right to be different and also come via its own perks and difficulties. You could take over a simple home as pictured over living amethod from all that city life.

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Even taking over a prichild making it the one location no man/zombie will ever before break right into. A helpful overview on the basics of relocating into among the many kind of produced POI is simply one click away. This architecture will certainly additionally be useful if playing a random created world as it is the most basic to begin with.