If you were born prior to 1995, you probably remember magazine assistance and also information solutions. By dialing 4-1-1 on your phone, you’d have actually accessibility to a database filled via addresses and also telephone numbers that you might use to assist you obtain right into contact via anyone you wanted to. Overtime, the number became slang for gaining the low-down on anything and whatever. But below at The ONE Thing, when someone asks “What’s the 411?” the only thing pertains to our mind is our priority.

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What would be possible, if eextremely week, you had absolute clarity on your priorities?

If you’ve check out The ONE Thing, then you’ve probably determined that success isn’t around doing every little thing, it’s around doing the appropriate thing. All also regularly, we discover ourselves so shed in the weeds of our day to day life that we lose emphasis on what we have to execute to succeed.

If we commit to holding ourselves accountable via a 411, that won’t take place anymore.

The 411 is a tool we usage to save track of every one of our weekly, monthly, and also yearly goals. It breaks whatever down methodically so tbelow isn’t any kind of confusion on what we have to do to succeed. And it extends well past expert usage, as well.

Everyone below at The ONE Thing, consisting of writer, co-founder and also chairmale of the largest actual estate agency in the people (Keller Williams Realty International), Gary Keller provides the 411 for accountcapacity. When a team commits to making use of the 411, they commit to placing their priorities in creating and sharing them weekly. This brings clarity to functions and responsibilities, enhances performance and also accountcapacity and eventually gets everyone relocating in action in the appropriate direction.

If this sounds prefer something you’re interested in, then all you have to execute is take the first step and also find out what matters a lot of to you.

Finding Your 20%

Before we start filling out our 411, we have to obtain clear around our priorities. Like we talk around in our video tutorial on the 411, this isn’t one more “to-do-list” for us to fill up through eextremely little bit thing we need to perform on a day-to-day basis. It’s even more exclusive than that. It’s a success-oriented list. The just thing that belongs on your 411 are the individual and experienced activity items and purposes that, as soon as completed, will permit you to live the biggest life feasible.

If you’ve review this blog, The ONE Thing, or any kind of various other success-oriented publications in the past few decades, then you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 Rule (additionally known as the 80/20 Principle). For those that are unacquainted through it, it’s a principle that postulates that 80% of our outcomes are obtained from just 20% of our initiatives. The principle was conceived by economist Vilfredo Pareto in the beforehand 1800’s once he noticed that 20% of landowners owned 80% of the land also in Italy. And because his monitoring, the relationship has been found in countless various other areas from our businesses to the clothes in our closet.

While it might seem prefer a fluffy idea on the front finish, if you dig a small little deeper right into your life, you’ll uncover there’s reality in the dominance. Nothing matters equally, and also that has every one of the points we pile on to our job lists. Speaking from endure, the even more facility our lists are, the much less happy we are with our individual and also professional expansion.

The thing that stands in between us and also our dreams—even more than anything else—is time. Eextremely time we add somepoint to our list, we’re taking time ameans from ourselves. The difficulty with this is that substantial, life-changing purposes aren’t accomplished overnight. Nope. They take time—several time. And the more time that wedges itself in between who we desire to come to be and also who we currently are, the more we danger shedding focus and the less likely we are to actually accomplish success.

If you keep a tight, priority-driven 411, you won’t have that problem. You’ll keep your eye on the end up line from start to end.

Filling Out Your 411

Pictured below is an example of what your 411 could look like, if you desire to usage our theme, you have the right to gain it right here. If you want to develop your very own, feel free to perform so! What’s necessary is that you have actually every one of your yearly, monthly, and also weekly goals all on one, single web page with your personal and skilled purposes detailed individually.


Take a look at the initially 2 boxes at the height of the sheet labeled “My Annual Goals”. Everything you list here will certainly be a big-ticket item, a “20 percenter.” Be selective. As you start filling out your yearly individual and professional connected objectives, it’s crucial to list each goal in order of priority. What you put below, and the order you put it in, will affect what you list better dvery own the sheet.

We believe that once you emphasis on your tasks (what you control) the outcomes follow. It additionally has the included benefit of making your success formulaic. When we carry out X, we obtain Y.

So, a great test of your goals, is if you ca response all of these inquiries affirmatively. We call it making our goals “accountable.”

Is the goal created as a specific, measurable activity rather of a result?Does it have actually a clear deadline or time framework for success?Is it within my control?Can an objective third-party plainly see wright here the finish line is?

When we go to the gym, we keep track of how a lot weight we lift, how many type of reps we execute, how far we’ve run and also in what time we ran it in. The factor is bereason we recognize that what we measure, improves and numbers are the definitive tool we usage for measurement. They’re a typical for progression, and store us concentrated on the activities we must do to succeed, rather of the end result.

Once you’re satisfied through the purposes at the optimal of your 411, revolve your emphasis to your monthly objectives. Here you’ll start the procedure of breaking down your annual goals into stepping stones you have the right to use to hop along towards a successful year.

Beginning via your greatest, annual goal, compose down an accountable goal that, when completed, will put you on track for achieving that goal. You’re answering the question, what the One Thing I have to accomplish this month to be on track for my annual goal.

For example, if my yearly goal was to compose a sequel to The ONE Thing, I wouldn’t list my monthly goal as “Write a sequel to The ONE Thing.” There’s no way to measure progression for a goal like that. However, we could say that the book itself, as soon as it’s all said and done would certainly consist of over 300 pages of text and content. From tright here, my monthly objectives would certainly be to compose 25 peras for the book. If I finish my monthly goal, I’ll understand that I’m on track to accomplish my annual goal.

After you’re done filling out your monthly objectives, apply the same philosophy to your weekly purposes. What do you need to carry out each week this month in order to put you on track to hit your monthly goals, which will subsequently put you on track to hit your annual goals?

The penultimate action of filling out your 411 is double checking to view that whatever adds up. Your weekly objectives (activities) have to account for your monthly objectives (activities), which must in turn account for your yearly goals. More than that, if you truly noted whatever in order of priority, then your optimal weekly goal need to correspond with your peak monthly goal, which should subsequently correspond with your peak annual goal. While there will be exceptions relying on urgency and prominence throughout the year, as soon as you look at the full scope of your goals, everything need to be in alignment choose a chain of dominoes.

The final action to finishing your 411 is to time block your weekly activities so you continue to be on taracquire for the week, month, and also year. You might be tempted to skip this step, however don’t. That would certainly be a horrible mistake. Doing that would certainly be a lot prefer wearing shoes without tying your shoelaces, walking right into a hurricane without Jim Cantore, or wrapping up a nice current for a loved one, forgaining to secure it with tape or string, and also watching the surprise unravel before your exceptionally eyes. Yes, it’s that important.

In reality, this action is so essential, it deserves its own header.

Don’t Be Stupid, Time Block the Activities on Your 411

Tright here, that’s better.

For those that are unacquainted via the term, Time Blocking is the strategy of scheduling and protecting your time so you spfinish your most abundant hours on your the majority of abundant work. It’s a method of acquiring things done in the the majority of reliable method possible.

We’ve composed several guides on time blocking, so we’ll just hit the high points right here. If you desire the details, feel totally free to review around it here or watch a webinar via co-author Jay Papasan on the topic below.

Looking at your 411, fifty percent of the moment blocking equation need to be solved—you already understand what you must be functioning on—now all you have to carry out is discover time to make things happen. Tright here are three factors in a effective time block:

It’s a time of day as soon as your energy is at its height.It’s in a time of day that you can regulate.It’s held in a safe bunker to store you from distractions.

For many kind of human being, their energy peaks in the morning between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. But your very own body could be a small different. Some world attest to getting their the majority of necessary job-related done at night. Others get it done in the afternoon. Whatever that time is, mark it down and also protect it. If you can’t defend that time, then the next ideal point is going to be finding a chunk of time you deserve to manage. For many, that’s wbelow the wee hrs of the morning come right into play. While the rest of the civilization sleeps, they’re making headway on their a lot of essential objectives.

The last component is about protecting your time block by limiting both external and inner distractions. What you require is a bunker. A bunker is a safe location you can go, via all the provision you should remain focused on the task at hand also. Maybe you have that distinct area in mind—an office or a corner in a coffee shop—yet if you don’t, don’t worry, you can review all about building the perfect bunker below.

Once you’ve blocked off the time you need to finish the objectives you’ve collection on your 411, the next point you have to emphasis on is finding accountcapacity.

Sharing Your 411

The world that experience the greatest success utilizing the 411 understand that they can’t do it alone. If you desire to commit yourself to achieving your goals, you have to seek out an accountability companion to run via your 411 with you weekly.

Ideally, the perboy that holds you accountable should have a stake in your success—they have to want and require you to succeed. The even more associated they are, the even more they’ll difficulty your success and also failures and also work through you to find services to the difficulties you enrespond to.

At the start of each meeting, the initially thing you have to run via via your accountability partner are your individual goals. When we begin tracking our goals on our 411, our individual objectives are commonly the initially thing to be overlooked. But our personal purposes job-related in tandem with our experienced objectives. They’re two halves of a totality you. When we succeed on the home-front, we’re freed to focus on the work-front. When we succeed in our job-related, our individual resides should be enhanced.

When running through your goals, it’s not a poor concept to have actually your accountcapability companion run you with the following questions:

What were your priorities last week and also how did you do?Based on last week’s outcomes, what are your priorities this week?Are your priorities in order?What’s preventing you from getting things done?What’s the one point you can perform to eliminate that distraction?

Tough, challenging questions store us concentrated on the ideal direction. Your 411 isn’t somepoint that’s set in stone—it’s a living record that should be changed and also updated every week. A good dominance of thumb to follow is to never adjust your goals if you aren’t hitting them—readjust your actions. Big actions result in big results, and one of the things a 411 reveals to us, and also helps us save track of, is simply just how impactful our actions are. When an task doesn’t create the outcomes we’re searching for, we have to pivot to one that will certainly.

Starting Your Day Off Right

Our 411’s keep us concentrated on what matters many. But it won’t do you any type of good if you don’t build a habit of making it a part of your day-to-day routine.

In our experience, the many widespread habit specialists have developed into their routines is to examine their email initially thing in the morning. There are 2 difficulties via this:

We distract ourselves from what we know is vital through what we think is vital.We signal to ourselves and also others that we are not in control of our time.

The first difficulty is something that just about eexceptionally expert has competent at some point or an additional. With a cup of coffee in your hands, you walk right into the office wanting to take on the day, however the initially thing you perform as soon as you sit at your desk is pull up your email and view a message that derails your attention. You spend time responding to one message, just to discover one more one was sent out to you while you were responding. You’re currently in your inbox, so you see no harm in knocking out an additional response. The cycle continues and also prior to you know it, you’ve shed your focus, your morning, and probably your day.

When we make a halittle bit of checking our email first thing in the morning, we open up up the door and also signal to others that our time is not our very own. Regardless of our intentions, we say, “My time is yours for the taking.” However, by structure a halittle of checking your 411 initially thing in the morning, we start off the day through a sense of priority.

If you’ve review The ONE Thing, then you most likely recognize that it takes, on average, 66 days to break an old halittle bit and also form a brand-new one. So breaking your old morning program is going to take a tiny job-related and also dedication, however it will be well worth it.

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Start by utilizing your email habit as a create for building your new halittle bit. When you sit down at your desk, and you feel your cursor running toward your inbox, pull up your 411 instead. Get a full scope of what’s really essential for you, and if the email vying for your intention is even more vital than that, then go ahead and answer it. However before, prior to checking an additional message, pull your 411 earlier up aget, and ask yourself if it’s worth your attention.