Twist out using flaxseed gel. Watch video below.

Achieving a great twist out takes a little bit of exercise, yet there are some measures human being often omit that deserve to damage the style. I’m going to show you exactly how to get good results eexceptionally time!


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Hold Up Transitioners!

The twist out directions are listed below, yet transitioners pay attention and learn what not to do!

When I was transitioning, I didn’t have actually much luck with my initially two strand twist out bereason my ends were incredibly thin and also damaged.

First, take a look at my twists (3 months into transition)…


Yikes! What a train wreck!

Notice just how damaged and also thin my ends are, particularly close to the front. I had actually at least 3-4 inches that really necessary to be cut off, however I was trying to organize on to as much hair as I could given that I had actually currently reduced even more than I wanted to.

Now view the outcomes of the twist out…


This would certainly have actually looked much much better had I trimmed even more of my hair first.

I put rollers on the ends to give them a slight bump because the directly look was NOT HOT!