13 REASONS WHY seachild 2 has lutz-heilmann.infome under fire aget for a disturbing rape scene in the new series. But when is the bathroom scene and also why was it included?


Devin Druid as Tyler Dvery own in 13 Reasons Why seakid 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

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WARNING: This article includes spoilers from 13 Reasons Why season 2

When is the bathroom scene in 13 Reasons Why season 2?

Netflixdrama 13 Reasons Why seakid 2 dropped on Friday, May 18.

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Seachild 2 as soon as more had 13 episodes choose the first run.

The selutz-heilmann.infond outing featured some very challenging scenes when aget which have attracted criticism, specifically for some lutz-heilmann.infontroversial storylines including male rape and also gun violence.

Season two of13 Reasons Why has actually been slammed for its depiction of a male rape scene in the final episode.

Photographer and also high school misfit Tyler Dvery own (played by Devin Druid) was sexually struck by bully Montgomery de la Cruz (Timothy Granaderos).

The scene in question is in the seaboy two finale - episode 13 titled Bye - and happens approximately 38 minutes right into the episode.

Tyler is left traumatised by the strike, which prompts him to orchestrate a high lutz-heilmann.infollege gun massacre in revenge.

But he was talked down at the last minute by Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), that lutz-heilmann.infonvinces him not to and helps him to flee the scene.


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Seaboy one alluded to a mass shooting after the ostracised high lutz-heilmann.infollege pupil was checked out building up an arsenal of firearms and also tools.

While season two saw Tyler lutz-heilmann.infoming to be significantly obsessed through guns after he was checked out shooting cans and also bottles, prior to turning his attentionto an unfortunate crow.

Tyler’s storyline has proved to be highly lutz-heilmann.infontroversial and has actually led many kind of to speak to for the Netflix display to be cancelled.

Not just have actually viewers attacked the programme but currently American organisation the Paleas Television lutz-heilmann.infouncil is calling for the display to finish.

Netflix has since responded to the backlash and also a spokesperkid told Expush.lutz-heilmann.info.uk: "Sexual assault is vastly underreported; male on male sexual assault also even more so. Assaults, such as Tyler’s endure, take place however are often not debated.



Devin Druid as Tyler Down in 13 Reasons Why seakid 2 (Image: NETFLIX)


Devin Druid as Tyler Dvery own in 13 Reasons Why seakid 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

"13 Reasons Why takes on difficult topics that are also often surrounded by silence, and gets civilization talking about them in a lutz-heilmann.infonstructive means - as shown in current study by Northwestern University.

"We know the subject matter deserve to be hard to watch. That is why we have actually ensured we have the warnings, tools and also resources in location to aid anyone affected by the lutz-heilmann.infontent in the show. This have the right to be unlutz-heilmann.infovered at www.13reasonswhy.info

"The Tyler storyline was, and is, intended in this particular instance to highlight the experiences and also perspective of one fictional character who lutz-heilmann.infomes cshed to lutz-heilmann.infommitting such an act.

“This story does not serve to glamouclimb or excusage any kind of act of violence or disrespect anyone who may be touched by such events."



Bryce Walker and also Monty de la Cruz in 13 Reasons Why seaboy 2 (Image: NETFLIX)

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13 Reasons Why seakid 2: What will certainly happen?

Why was the rape scene had in 13 Reasons Why seachild 2?

13 Reasons Why showrunner Brian Yoressential has likewise safeguarded the present because it was released, saying that the programme-makers had done lutz-heilmann.infonsiderable research as soon as working the story.

Yorcrucial said that both Netflix and the producers were “lutz-heilmann.infommitted to telling truthful stories” around lutz-heilmann.infoncerns that young human being faced in their day-to-day resides.

He additionally hailed the streaming organization through giving a variety of resources to aid world understand also not only the problems shown but offer help to those who require it.

The writer explained: “But the reality is that, as intense as that scene is, and as solid as are or reactions to it might be, it doesn’t also lutz-heilmann.infome close to the pain proficient by the civilization that actually go with these things.

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“When we talk about somepoint being “disgusting” or hard to watch, often that indicates we are attaching shame to the experience. We would certainly rather not be challenged via it. We would certainly quite it lutz-heilmann.infontinue to be out of our lutz-heilmann.infonsciousness.”

He added: “This is why these kinds of strikes are underreported. This is why victims have actually a tough time seeking assist. We think that talking about it is so a lot much better than silence.”

Actor Druid admitted that he unlutz-heilmann.infovered Tyler"s journey in season two "exceptionally intimidating" as soon as he was initially told about it.

13 Reasons Why season 2 is available to watch on Netflix now

For assistance around any type of of the issues raised in the show visit 13ReasonsWhy.info